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About Anthony Gallina

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I come from the business. My dad has been a developer back in Wisconsin (Gallina Co.) for the past 40 years specializing in apartments. My brother is a commercial real estate broker in New York City (Isaacs and Co.) specializing in high-end retail, and my sister is a commercial real estate broker in Wisconsin. Both have been involved in different avenues of commercial real estate for a combined experience of 30 + years. Although I have resisted the family communal decision to be in commercial real estate, nevertheless I have come to fully embrace the career and the challenges that come with it.


As I have always said “getting hurt is part of the sport”. Throughout high school and college I became a competitive skier, competing at a professional level. I was given money and products to do what I created of myself. I am no stranger to drive.


Due to my accomplished competitive career it is no wonder why Jim has told me “You have never run out of energy”. I save my client time and money putting in the effort so they can focus on their own business. I will work in our business, so you can work in yours. The proof is in what my clients say about me in the below testimonials,


P.S. Here is a video of me when I was competing




"For our local company we've been looking for expert help in expanding into new industrial properties. The relationship that pursuit is based on is so important because for a growing business, one bad property mistake can mean incalculable damage to an organization. Tony was transparent, quick, and his pursuits were based on the truth, not twisting the truth. We've been excited to work with him and are even more excited for creating new opportunities in the future."

Mark King

Owner, TRAYVAX Enterprises, LLC.


"Tony is a straight up, down to earth guy. No Bull. He answered all of my questions and I let him run with the project. I asked him questions and he gave me answers. He did a good job for us. He worked hard and It worked! We got exactly what we wanted. Tickled to death."

James Woodell

Owner, Superior Window and Glass, Inc.

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